Reviewing the Marc Jacobs Highliners!

So yesterday I received my first VoxBox from Influenster! Influenster is a product reviewing app which also send out free products to selected users which then review the product giving their honest opinion!

In my first VoxBox I received two complimentary Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayons (Retail for £20.00 each). I received the shades ‘Earthquake’ and ‘Pink of Me’, which I’m extremely happy about as they are colours I can wear everyday! I’ve never tried any products from Marc Jacobs Beauty before so hopefully these will leave a good impression!

The most important thing for me when reviewing these was to try them out properly and be extremely critical, especially at a higher price like this! I’ve been a victim of falling for false reviews, and then spending money I’ve saved up to be left disappointed with a product. So I intend to give my 100% honest feedback.

First Impressions



So the outer packaging is very nice and expensive looking whereas the packaging on the actual product is just ‘ok’ to me, nothing particularly special. I do like the metallic look but I’m not usually the one who’s picky on packaging as I prefer to judge on the actual product itself. You get a fair amount of the product, I’d say this is your standard amount you’ll find in most gel liners, it would be nice to see a little more for the price but that all depends on the quality of the product too! It also came with a little booklet with different looks to try using these highliners!


So from a first swatch I’m left shook, it barely took any pressure to get full pigment, which is great because you don’t have to use a lot of the product therefore it will last a lot longer! The first colour ‘Earthquake’ is a dark brown, which is the same shade I like to use on a daily basis, so it’s perfect for me! The next shade ‘Pink of Me’ is a baby pink, which I’ve never really worked with but I know a lot of people like to use it on the waterline for a more open eye look which I’ll give a try!

These products are said to be ‘waterproof’, so I had to put that to the test! After a quick smudge test with my finger, it DID NOT BUDGE. I tried washing with water and it had some slight fade but still remained completely in place! I then tried it against oil which finally wiped it off which you’d expect. I’m someone who has watery eyes so almost all liners I use end up smudging onto my under eye or just fading completely so this I feel will definitely be ideal for me! But of course there’s only one way to find out!



So at the start of the day I did my usual makeup but lined my one waterline with the Marc Jacobs highliner in ‘Earthquake’ in the outer corner and the ‘Pink of Me’ towards the middle and inner corner. I then used my usual Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel 24H Pencil on the other eye to compare. I didn’t have the same shade liner as the ‘Pink of Me’ to compare on the other side so I just used the product on both eyes! I also added some highliner at the top of my lid to try the smokey look! I blended out the liners with an eyeshadow because they dry down instantly so it’s hard to blend them out on their own. As you can see, I’m not the best at makeup and I’m still learning so don’t expect to see a perfect cut crease look just yet!


The Marc Jacobs highliner drew instant full pigment on my waterline, the colours are beautiful and glided on perfectly! Whereas the Maybelline liner took a little more work to build up pigment, which even then still didn’t compare to the Marc Jacobs. But overall, they both more or less achieved the same look! Looking back I think I may have forgotten to add the pink on the other eye so please ignore that!


After about 5 hours of wear.


After the first hour, the Maybelline had already began to fade and after checking in after 5 hours it was practically gone! The Marc Jacobs however remained pretty much intact! On the lid however both seemed to of stayed put pretty well.

The result?

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Gel Liners are definitely not an over-hyped product! I was as critical as I could be but the product came through and did everything I needed it to do! The price is a little up there, but for me personally it’s worth it and is definitely a future purchase for me! I definitely look forward to trying out the other colours and trying out other products from Marc Jacobs Beauty!

If you’re interested in purchasing these yourself, click on the links below!

Earthquake: Click Me!

Pink of Me: Click Me!

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A big thank you to Marc Jacobs Beauty and Influenster for giving me the opportunity to try out and review these products! I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but that had nothing to do with my opinion on them!

Thank you for reading and let me know if you’ve tried out these Highliners! Also I would love to hear some recommendations of other products you’ve liked from Marc Jacobs Beauty!




  1. I’m gutted – I didn’t get my Voxbox! These look divine. I use a nude eyeliner quite a lot and I think this looks amazing. I still would be a little weary of the price x

    • Oh no! is it possible you just haven’t received it yet?? Yes, I love them! but I definitely understand being weary of the price, for me it’s the only one that’s actually been good for me but I’m going to be on the lookout for recommended liners for a cheaper price and see if any work just as well 🙂

  2. Never tried Marc Jacobs but I think I should. These look great! One of the most important things with me with any makeup is that it keeps looking good all day long. I hate it when I have to redo half way through the day.

  3. I like that you took the time to do such in depth test to see if the Marc Jacobs highlighters are as good as their advertisement. I really like the pink shade and indeed it makes your eye look bigger.

    • Yeah I always have trouble with liners staying on all day so I definitely wanted to make sure! I’m happy with them anyway and thank you! I’ve been doing it ever since now Haha!

  4. Glad to hear that the products sent were ones that you’d use. I hate it when you get colours through that don’t suit. Sounds like they have great saying power. Sound like the Marc Jacobs highlighter did better than the cheaper one – good to know.

  5. I have never used highlighter before, but if I was going to try then Marc Jacobs is a name I would definitely trust.

  6. When I first saw the headline I misread it as highlighter! I was really pleased to see this was a liner for eyes, especially when I saw how good it is on your waterline. I can never keep liner on as my eyes water too, so the results you had are epic, thank you so much!

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