My 5 New Years Resolutions

So 2017 has finally left us and we welcome 2018 with open arms! When starting the new year it’s only mandatory to make some life changes, right? And how satisfying is it that is starts on a beautiful Monday?!


This year for me will be all about, well, ME! And there’s going to be some major changes in my life this year, and no I don’t mean diets, going to the gym or convincing myself that I’ll stop watching so much TV.


So first, it’s only fair that I share my new years eve with you! (Sadly most of the images from my snapchat story didn’t save!).


This year was spent at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland with Coral. The perfect night to end 2017 and yes, plenty of food was eaten that night. It was cold, it was busy but it was an incredible atmosphere and I had an amazing time! And just before the countdown started, a lovely shower of rain fell upon us and Coral, being the gent that he is, wouldn’t even shelter us with this massive polar bear teddy he won that night.. The reason being that it was too ‘fluffy’ (Thanks again for that). But it soon stopped and we then counted down to the brand new year of 2018!

2018 is going to be the start of a brand new me. By new I don’t mean that I’m going to change myself in any way but almost embrace myself more, a new attitude! All my flaws will become my perfections and all my weaknesses will become my strengths. It will be a year of self love. I strongly encourage everyone who reads this to at least take up one of these resolutions I’m about to share with you!



The most important resolution everyone should do this year! The first step to becoming the best you that you can be is to love yourself and accept you for everything that you are because you are absolutely PERFECT! There is no shame in self love, flaunt it! I don’t want to hear any of this ‘nobody’s perfect’ nonsense anymore because EVERYONE is perfect. Post a hundred selfies, talk about how amazing you are, BE YOUR FAVOURITE PERSON.



Everyone is unique. If we were all the same, life wouldn’t be that interesting. Everyone has something different and amazing to bring to this world. You don’t need to pretend to be someone your not to impress anyone or fit in anywhere, because anyone that isn’t blown away by the person you are is definitely not worth impressing. Shine through and the people that matter will be around you and I promise you can do great things in life if you do more you! And to quote The Greatest Showman No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else’.



This I can’t stress enough because I see so many people, with their lives taken over by stressing over work, a relationship or money. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from the world for a while and just do what makes you happy, even if you take one hour of your day to stop thinking about life and just focus on something fun. Aspire to be like kids, they just do the funnest thing they can think to do at every moment. It is a miracle that we are here, have fun with it and if you’re not, look at what you can do to change that. HAVE FUN AND BE HAPPY, is it really worth doing anything else?



It is in no way wrong to put yourself before other people at times, and it is definitely acceptable to say no! It’s nice to go out of your way for others but not when you suffer because of it, take care of yourself first and then take care of others. Make time for yourself, be selfish sometimes, because the most important person in your life is you and you need to look out for yourself. No more pressuring yourself to do things you don’t want to do because of the expectations of others, even if it disappoints them. Start with making yourself happy, doing what you think is right and everything else comes after.



So after making yourself happy, It’s good to share that happiness with the world! I know how much it makes my day when someone is kind towards me. It really puts me in the best mood and it encourages me to pass that love on! So you being nice to one person can turn into 10 people having a much happier day. Hold the door open for someone, give someone a compliment, even pay for someones coffee! The littlest things can completely turn a persons day around and you’ll even feel a lot happier because of it. Do at least 3 things a day to put a smile on someones face!


So these are things I am to do a lot more of now in 2018 and I hope you can take on a few of them yourself. Let’s make this year amazing for ourselves and everyone around us!

Let me know what some of your new years resolutions are!

Happy New Year x



















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